Be Good To Your Wood

Caring for your NOVA is simple, quick, and cheap.  Grab a big box of your favorite brand of cotton swabs (Q-tips) and a big bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol.  I clean my vape at least once a week. This includes removing the carb plug set screw, the glass, o-rings, thermal diffuser, and toker. 

Using the alcohol soaked swab, wipe anywhere and everywhere you can reach.  Depending on how long it's been since the last cleaning, there will be a buildup of very fine particles and vapor honey.  When the vapor is travelling down the air path, it will slowly coat the entire surface, as witnessed in the draw tube after only a few bowls. This does several things. It coats the wood and keeps it from drying out from cleaning with alcohol.  It also acts as a filter by trapping the majority of the small plant matter as it travels along the air path, also seen in the draw tube at the bend. 

Alcohol removes wax.  And wood balm.  You should always apply some wood balm after cleaning, especially where alcohol was used.  

To clean the exterior I just use a microfiber cloth and alcohol. You don't want to scrub or soak the wood, just wipe the offending substance from the surface.  After cleaning. let it dry completely.  It shouldn't take long.  

Now it's time for the wood balm.  It applies much easier when warm.  A hair dryer will help you greatly.  High heat, low fan, and point it at the tin of balm. After only a few seconds, the balm will become liquid. To apply, you can use your finger tip, cotton swab, small section of cotton cloth, etc. By applying the balm when it's a liquid, that allows the coconut oil and beeswax to separate.  The oil soaks in deeper and keeps the wood from drying out.  The beeswax will harden and form a thin barrier.  Rub a small amount of balm around on the surface, and rub it INTO the wood. If you apply too much, you just waste it.  After a short time, the balm should no longer soak in. Once the coconut oil hits the wood and begins to cool, it solidifies at 75°F. If your NOVA is warm, this helps the oil soak in even farther.  Put your naked NOVA in the sun. After you the balm cools remove the excess with a clean microfiber cloth.

To clean the glass, put some kosher salt in the tube and hold it in the shape of a V.  Pour some alcohol into the tube.  It should collect with the salt at the bottom, in the bend of the glass.  Using your thumb and finger, cover each end and shake.  It will be slippery.  The salt acts as an abrasive to scrub the glass,  When satisfied, rinse with water and dry.

The chamber screen is press fit and not easily removable.  It should last a long time, as long as you keep combustion to a minimum.  It can be cleaned with swabs and alcohol,  I only used compressed air to help blow it out.  The little cans of air for your keyboard come in handy,

Sounds like a big ordeal but if you stay on top of the cleaning, this whole thing takes maybe 10 minutes.  To reassemble, drop the thermal diffuser into the heat intake, making sure it is resting like a bowl and not a dome.  Install o-rings, glass, and carb screw, and you are ready to toke!

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